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HeJie / Jan 29, 2014

Been some time since we had an update in the forum. But boy do we have interesting stuff coming up! We are going to revitalize the forum and use it as the goto placefor guild discussions and updates so help spread the word to new guildies especially!

Ang Pow Event
What's a new year without some Ang Pows! We have an event that will see yourself walking away with an Ang Pow for the new year! So don't wait! Update: Event over. But do keep the intros coming :D

What's up??? Connecting the guild
We wanna make the forum a place for people to come back regularly and to connect everyone. Check this out for your daily dose of rumors and funny doses of enemy fails and whatever the guild is up to 8)

Upcoming 4th Inner tips and tricks!
Everyone's excited about what's coming, and we can make it even more exciting for you. Watch for more pro-tips to prep you for the 4th inner soon! Also feel free to contribute and start a thread on stuff that you find useful

PK and War
We already have a semi-pro teams of people who are war experts. But wait! There is more that we can do!
Here's a list of things we can further work on

1) Macro strategy - Helping the new guys understand better on guild war mechanics, key buildings.
2) Micro strategy - Assigning people to teams to take charge of certain sections, roles (eg. watching and reporting progress on buildings, putting out fires)
3) Equipment! - Did you know you can get the best bucket that money can't buy for putting out fires!!! We will be helping you to farming these.
4) Buffs - Did you know the guild base can give you special buffs for flying skills etc?? PM for more info
5) Set piece attacks (i.e YY blade suck + Taichi, Double Blade + Vertigo, Dog Beating uppercut + Shaolin spin spin)

More Activities
Linked to PKs and wars above, just theorizing is never good enough! We need practise sessions! But How Without Guild Wars? We can work with alliances on opening lawless arena and just jump in to practice group pvp

TLDR: CLICK LINKS BRO. And yea, remember to exercise your democraftic vote on yours truly on the top right. We will update the forum very regularly in future. Like. every 30 seconds. :D
HeJie / Jul 31, 2013
Couple of quick updates

New (or old?) alliance

1) Most of you would know that a couple of our friends have moved to a new guild called Public-Enemy. They are still our brother guild and we have officially allied them. If you have questions, pls speak with phyllisgal or Uhus on the matter.

First Royal Rumble

2) This was conducted to much fanfare and everyone had a great time. Check out post on it for more info.

Instance requests

3) Some of you indicated it would be good to have instances for the lower levels, below Enlightened Virtuosos (EVs) and others like the standard GCC normal etc since the higher levels are always on LMI Hell etc. Pls use the thread below to get your voices heard

HeJie / Apr 17, 2013
Many things have happened since the last news update. We have since secured a guild base, grown more than 50% over the last 3 weeks. However even as we grow stronger, there is more and more for us to do.

Integration of new members of the family
This is undoubtedly the biggest thing on our minds. We have grown rapidly in the past 3 weeks. And many of these new members that we have are active and serious players, unlike zerg recruits that we see other big guilds have. We want all new members to be connected.

Perhaps then we should take time to acquaint with our new members of the family. I urge you to not just be a helpful contributing member to those who have just started the game, but also if possible to get to know them a little more because at the end of the day, the strength of a guild is not in its numbers, but the ties u have with each other that will pull us through the guild's ups and downs.

On the other hand, if you are a new addition to the family, pls feel free to participate in guild chat etc and if there are specific things you need, do put them in the forum so people can look out for them. Conversely, if you can contribute your profession skills etc, pls post them as well. Re-linking the forum thread with spreadsheet of a list of the professions available.

Organising Activities
What's an organised guild without activities? I would like to re-introduce the calendar to everyone. Going forward, besides the guild announcement, the calendar will be a key source of information for activities in the guild. If you're up for it, u can also put up your own birthday. (Someone might just send you something, or maybe hunt u down for a birthday bash :D)

We also need raid and instance leaders who can put up the events, especially the bigger ones. If you're up for it, PM HongLi or myself in game and we see how to better organise this as group composition unfortunately is important for high level instances.

The game never gets enough of classes like Wudang, Emei or Tangmen. WV and Shaolin are always in demand for their group PvP prowess. If you are of the class, and see someone who looks like a good fit, pls help to bring them into the fold b4 they drop into the depths of nothingness with one of those zerg guilds. As always, Attitude is primary, capability is secondary.

TLDR: If you haven't read any of the above, just remember to
1. Welcome new people
2. Use the calendar
3. Read the recruitment board bottom right

HeJie / Mar 31, 2013
Hello everyone,

We will be taking over Einsof's guild base (Yanjing Wuxia Mountain at 10pm direction) tomorrow at server time 10.30 (or 10.38 if you include the prep time).

Firstly I would like to explain about the poll that you see on the right side. We had plans to take over a guild base right from the start however we wanted to hear from you what you think. If an overwhelming majority of people disagreed with it, then we may have to rethink our options. Regardless, our attack tomorrow is not entirely because we want a guild base, but also because AgeOfWushu is giving out goodies like big ruyi pills and other stuff for guilds that take part in a guild war. So we do want a guild base yes, and I know we may lose it later on, but hey, no big deal even if we do, we're still growing, and its a good chance to expose people to another aspect of PvP in the game.

On the guild war, I understand that most of us will be working and that's perfectly fine. If you, however are not working, pls try to make it online. I will do a brief once we enter the guild base on the plan to takeover and give you more details on how guild wars work. If you are coming, please bring some pots (either the cheap cheap bounded one or arena) in the event you run out of mana since taking down the defences may take a while.

One thing to note is that for some reason, Shinobi feels that they own Einsof's base and that we're not supposed to take it. Muntansir, the VGL of Shinobi has attacked LuxiaoFeng and myself at Chengdu thinking we had attacked their ally. I have explained to him (he indicated that Namelus, which is the GL currently, is his alt) over PM on the situation however he is oblivious to reason and has indicated they will put up a blockade tomorrow outside to prevent us from entering the guild base. If you are coming tomorrow. we will try to reach the guild base early so that even if you die from the blockade, its still just one goose or cloud away from entering the guild base when you do an onsite. Once you enter it, they cannot do anything to you.

On the conflict of them doing such a despicable thing as stamping their authority over smaller guilds like ours, we have no plans to bow down to such evil and I am contacting several people on this. In the meantime, do watch out for their bullying members and stay safe.

HeJie / Mar 21, 2013
Heeded Yuanyuan's call to make a new one and it turned out to be a simple and enjoyable experience. Brushing up on my aesthetics skillz :D

There's a couple of things to do:

1) Register as member and also your character. Sorry for those who had previously registered, have to trouble you to do so again.

2) Vote on the poll on the right on whether we should get a guild base

3) Peruse the information in the forum. There's a couple of things going on that we would like your input on.
  • Promotions in the guild
  • Possible Alliances/friends/enemies suggestions
  • Guild direction going forward, what do you wan to see more of or less of or activities in the guild?
  • List your interest in a possible Martial Arts competition under the activities in the calender