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#9238725 Mar 15, 2014 at 03:17 AM
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Hi all,

There is a dream when I am a Vice Leader of PE and I hope that I can execute it in this Guild. To start off everything right.

Our alliance have always be commented by our enemies that we are not bonded and cohesive enough and I personally thinks that they are sort of right.

Our relationship with Public-Enemy is supposed to be extremely close friends as they are part of HuatAh right at the start of PE's creation. So I shall try to bring this relationship back to what it should be, then further expand it to other Guilds.

To start off, I shall personally do the planning. Therefore, I am proposing an event will be hosted for both of the Guild, and I am looking at monthly or bi-monthly for this. We will rotate the planning of the event for both Guilds around as well as each time our Guild is planning it, we will rotate the people that is planning for it.

What kind of advantages am I looking at by doing so?
- Our members will get to know Public-Enemy's Members better
- We can unleash and observe leadership and planning potential from our Members
- We can conduct events for our Members and at the same time we are also conducting events for their Members

Guidelines for planning of bi-lateral events
- Mixture of teams, we need to play the events in accordance to teams and a team must have at least 1 or 2 of the different Guild Members
- Try not to bring PvP as an option for events as it does gives out a signal for alliance that we are looking at who is stronger as a Guild
- Timezone must be observed, HuatAh observed a different timezone from Public-Enemy. Therefore, the time set for the event is crucial and it must be discussed with both of the Guilds
- Do not try to advertise the event too much unless you wish the enemy Guilds to know about it and destroy the planning or execution of the event.

What are the expected setbacks/difficulties for this plan?
- Language barrier. Most of our Members are English-speaking and most of their Members are Portuguese-speaking
- The prizes of Event. Who to provide it? We need to gather it from our Members or even Leaders
- The planning of the date and time set for the event
- Attendance. The attendance of both Guilds might be not as much as the planner had expected

There are a few of our Members are from Public-Enemy previously. Therefore, if the planner is looking for the point of contact for Public-Enemy, you may find one of the following:
1. Uho (Previously PE's Hall Leader)
2. Blackeris (Previously PE's Hall Leader)
3. BambieS (Previously PE's Elite Member)
4. Isurvived (Previously PE's Elite Member)
5. SORBURN (Previously PE's Hall Leader)
6. ClarkKent (Previously PE's Vice Leader)
7. Tisiphone (Previously PE's Vice Leader)

For this event, I shall named it as Event Brasipura for easier reference

It is a proposal, approval will be by the Leaders of HuatAh as it is a matter of diplomacy. We can try it out for 1-2 times before bringing other alliance into the Event which will bring much more setbacks and difficulties.

Thank you,
#9240469 Mar 15, 2014 at 03:01 PM
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I know you about 6 month Tisi, but you still shocking me with really good ideas.
Anyway, I'm still close friends/friends with PE's members. If you guys need me to talk with PE, just tell. I'll try to help ;)
#9245714 Mar 17, 2014 at 12:59 AM
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First need so formal laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

Great idea. We've always wanted to do more interaction but sadly its been limited to instances (think LMI Shura) and even that we no longer do now, especially with SIs. Strangely enough, I had spoken to somebody (can't remember who) on opening lawless at PE so we can practise pvp, plan never got past the conceptualization stage.

What kind of event are you considering? I know Uho has also suggested long ago about Battlefield, which is definitely good and relatively easier to set up since the platform is already there.

Just a note: SORBURN almost doesn't play now. And ClarKent logs in like once a week or something. Blackie would be great if you can help in the planning too :D
#9246003 Mar 17, 2014 at 02:18 AM · Edited over 4 years ago
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I asked PE about opening lawless area in RG too, but they answer that it will be better way for enemies to attack (coz no infamy).
From what i know SORBURN left AoW, ClarkKent is busy with school and testing new games (yeah, when he will see that i said about games he will kill me).

I will try to talk with few close friends from PE, let's see what they think about this idea. I think that just asking for first if they want to do sth together (in meaning HuatAh and PE).

Anyway, game have a lot aspects in which we can try to make some "events" for stronger alliance.

PE always like to practice pvp or massive pvp, but now is hard to say, coz now PE have more new ppl. Also Tisi, Bam and me remeber that PE chose pvp, not pve.

As I said, I will try to talk with them so we will see, and i hope that we can talk about "Stronger alliance event" in game :)

Greetings to all - HuatAh!!
#9246250 Mar 17, 2014 at 03:24 AM
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what about disrupting enemy alliance's scoutings for sewing needle and black wood order? we can have teams of 6 hunt for shinobis/ntb/gtc when they are scouting for them...
#9249062 Mar 17, 2014 at 08:11 PM
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@ JW: I think the safe side of me wants to keep the event internal first, without involving the enemies. Because once you involve them, there is the element or win or lose, and everybody has a different definition. That is the reason why Tisi suggested we try to avoid contests of power.

@ Blackie: I know Shinobi does the same for Lawless. Only thing is they do it near herbal. Mila went in to join the fun. They just took it as part of the training actually. In reality, it takes too much effort to bring pple to crash the party.
#9275713 Mar 23, 2014 at 03:04 AM · Edited over 4 years ago
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Greetings everyone! :)

As I promised i was and still keep thinking how to improve our alliance with PE. I will put here few propositions, but idk if you guys will like them. I will try to type it in points so you guys can always tell that no.1 or 2 is not go, 3 need to change or so on :)

Anyway here are my propositions:
1. Alliance instance run in weekend As we all know in all guild are ppl who like pve or pvp. Maybe not every weekend run, but at start 1 at 2 weeks can be good to know each other better ;)
2. Guild meetings? What you guys will tell about guild meetings? Talking about tactic/strategy or so on? I think that it's also can help a bit to break the ice, but decision is in your hands HuatAh :)
3. Wold boss event As we all know AoW have world boss events in game. What you all will tell about having fun with alliances why killing some world bosses?

1. What you guys will tell about duel practice for a bit weaker players between guilds?

This is about what i was thinking. If i will get something new i will put new post or edit this one.

So now waiting for your comments guys. :)

Good luck - HuatAh!!
#9276728 Mar 23, 2014 at 07:26 AM
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i'm agree with the 3 points. Doing instances together we know better. With this we can start for do allys meeting with PE, for practice pvp and pve. And if we always are together doing things, we have more things for talk and for think. WB or instances in two we can practice pvp also with enemys, gang enemys, and in isntances for sin. And we can do more battelfields with more people ^^
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