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#9123263 Feb 19, 2014 at 12:31 PM
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There will always be escort event which is to topup the guild funds lost.

Suggest ideas on how we can make this event more interesting

- We can try to make a super long linked chained carts with the best pic taken that people can do it with polls function of forum :)
#9124014 Feb 19, 2014 at 05:35 PM
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So to lure out all the closet photographers huh :)

Let's first set a time to do escorts together. Say 8 - 8.15am server time so for 15 minutes we would all go gather, like its our private special escorts. We can make this a trial 1 week activity and see response rates. In the meantime, people can take the opp to take photos already!
#9124021 Feb 19, 2014 at 05:39 PM · Edited 4 years ago
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Idea 2 (Taken from phyllis' other post. I put them to gether to easier manage them as some people say its hard to navigate)

We can have people hiding in places and let the participants search for the hidden person

- Provide screenshots of the surroundings/prominent object/place of interest/landmarks in the forum

A team of ppl running while the others people try to kill them (hide and seek) style confined to a certain area of the map

- The team would get a 15-60s headstart to start running or hide thereafter other participants would go and find them or kill them(hehe)
#9126804 Feb 20, 2014 at 05:36 AM
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Yea. I suggested the Easter egg/Rabbit hunt event but was thinking we could save it for closer to Easter to make it better themed. Already spoke with phyllisgal briefly about this and was thinking we would do 2 or 3 pplz running around in a particular part of the map with other trying to PK them. Will flesh out this idea more when I speak to her.

I had some other ideas to share as well, so I might as well post them here for all to see to get more ideas going.

PVP events idea:

Nautical Battle
King of the Hill
Shallow King Fu Battle

I got the idea from my friend Wei_Xiong. He wanted to duel me and YaoXiong in some strange places like underwater and on top of a hill somewhere in RG map. Was an interesting and fun experience and I thought we could do a guild-wide version of these. Any other suggestions would be nice!
#9130055 Feb 21, 2014 at 12:01 AM
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I like the idea of shallow kungfu hahahahahaha. Just have everyone switch to first inner and fight naked muahhahaha.

Pls also rope Zifeng into the events thingy. ;p

The more the merrier. Hopefully soon u guys can for an entire events team! I can help too if u need gamemasters :D
#9133358 Feb 21, 2014 at 12:29 PM · Edited 4 years ago
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Just spoke with phyllis, and we're going to throw out what we've come up with. We were trying to figure out how to keep these pvp events fair and found that it's very difficult considering the different levels in internal levels, weapons manuals, food/pill/VIP bonuses/buffs (i.e - "well fed" buff for VIP only), etc.

These are the ground rules we've brainstormed:

***Please note that these may be subject to change depending on guild input! ANY other suggestions greatly appreciated~!!***

Rules apply for Nautical Battle and Shallow KungFu Battle.

LOCATION = Guild Base

1) Participants will be divided into groups by strength levels.
  • -Infallibles to Unrivalled strength in one group
  • -Enlightened Virtuosos in another group
  • -Mentally Balanced & Max Levels in another

We'll need to see how many participants below Max Level wish to participate and come up with another group for them.

2) Participants must either use Self-Recollection internal skill -OR- their 1st school inner.

This was a tough one. We wanted to keep levels pretty even, but then phyllis made the point of how newcomers may simple skip getting Self-Recollection and go straight for the higher school inners. As such, they also just leave their first school inners at 25 just for the meridians. We'll decide which inner would be more appropriate depending on what people have.

3) Participants must be stripped NAKED (woooot!). That's right--no gear, no treasures, no weapons. Again, we're trying to balance things out and give everyone as much of an even playing field as we can.

4) Shallow KungFu Battle must be fought with....the Shallow KungFu skill set! Surpise! herpderp!

5) Nutrition must be between 1-99. This is to give non-VIPs a chance since they cannot get the "well fed" buff that VIPS do.

That's all we have so far. Any comments/suggestions will be taken under consideration! Please share your thoughts!!
#9134225 Feb 21, 2014 at 06:30 PM · Edited 4 years ago
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Thanks for the hardwork coming out with the parameters!

If we are able to take off all gear, and disable all meridiens, then power level shouldn't make any difference in the grouping.

However, weapon manuals still play a part. So ZSF's shallow kungfu will still hit u for +193 dmg no matter what he does.

And also i'm presuming u guys aren't going to cheat and use other shallow skills cos i only have 3! (parry, break d and

Maybe to balance things out, I suggest perhaps we could do team battle instead? So the focus is not so much on individual power levels (weapon manuals) so we can round up the competitors. So here are the parameters we need to balance / provide for you guys to do the match-up:

- Inner Power level - Default Martial Intuition (1st inner 30 or 36)
- Weapon Manuals
- Random Encounter buffs (eg. cake gives 30 stats, or the exploring buff)

#9138519 Feb 22, 2014 at 03:28 PM
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#9134225 HeJie wrote:

And also i'm presuming u guys aren't going to cheat and use other shallow skills cos i only have 3! (parry, break d and

you can buy skills at martial artist trainers in any city ...where you but break meridians ect, but if you really look there are blade sets as well that are shallow so no CD between. that is unless they changed it ....
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