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HeJie / Jan 29, 2014

Been some time since we had an update in the forum. But boy do we have interesting stuff coming up! We are going to revitalize the forum and use it as the goto placefor guild discussions and updates so help spread the word to new guildies especially!

Ang Pow Event
What's a new year without some Ang Pows! We have an event that will see yourself walking away with an Ang Pow for the new year! So don't wait! Update: Event over. But do keep the intros coming :D

What's up??? Connecting the guild
We wanna make the forum a place for people to come back regularly and to connect everyone. Check this out for your daily dose of rumors and funny doses of enemy fails and whatever the guild is up to 8)

Upcoming 4th Inner tips and tricks!
Everyone's excited about what's coming, and we can make it even more exciting for you. Watch for more pro-tips to prep you for the 4th inner soon! Also feel free to contribute and start a thread on stuff that you find useful

PK and War
We already have a semi-pro teams of people who are war experts. But wait! There is more that we can do!
Here's a list of things we can further work on

1) Macro strategy - Helping the new guys understand better on guild war mechanics, key buildings.
2) Micro strategy - Assigning people to teams to take charge of certain sections, roles (eg. watching and reporting progress on buildings, putting out fires)
3) Equipment! - Did you know you can get the best bucket that money can't buy for putting out fires!!! We will be helping you to farming these.
4) Buffs - Did you know the guild base can give you special buffs for flying skills etc?? PM for more info
5) Set piece attacks (i.e YY blade suck + Taichi, Double Blade + Vertigo, Dog Beating uppercut + Shaolin spin spin)

More Activities
Linked to PKs and wars above, just theorizing is never good enough! We need practise sessions! But How Without Guild Wars? We can work with alliances on opening lawless arena and just jump in to practice group pvp

TLDR: CLICK LINKS BRO. And yea, remember to exercise your democraftic vote on yours truly on the top right. We will update the forum very regularly in future. Like. every 30 seconds. :D